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“Nailed” Memory Stick – Stop: Hammer Time!

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Written by Karen M. | July 29, 2008

The “nailed” memory stick makes it look like you got very frustrated with your computer, and in a fit of rage, hammered a nail into it. It sends a much different message than, say, storing your data in a chicken wing.

This is the first product from plankton, a new design company based in the Netherlands. The USB stick is made of polyurethane and iron and has a 1 GB memory capacity.

This doohickey will set you back €29,50 (a little over $46 in the U.S.A.) You can buy your own from plankton, and make the guy in the next cubicle think you’re a whole lot tougher than you really are… in case some of your other flash drives have made him think you’ve gone soft.