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Welcome Robot Awkwardly Greets People for You

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 4, 2008

Welcome Robot 1.5 is a funky little homemade robot that greets people in your absence. It was made by Armanda Lewis as part of 5 Projects in 5 Days. That means she had to make the robot, from start to finish, in only one day.

Welcome Robot 1.5 is red and yellow as an homage to Ironman. When you turn him on, the LED lights come on to let you know he’s in sensing mode. Input to his sensors from people passing by triggers the waving.  Check out this video to see WR 1.5 in action.

Sure, he kind of welcomes people with a Nazi-like salute, but let’s recall the robot was made in just one day. It would take me like a year to make anything even approaching this. Besides, Armanda says that now that the whole one day thing is over, she plans to fix that wave right up, plus add an elevator sensor and sound. Until then, check out more of her robotic LED mashup art projects here.