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Paper Mouse Pads Keep You Organized, Entertained

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 7, 2008

Who says your mouse pad has to just help your mouse move smoothly across your desktop? These clever paper mouse pads help you keep track of everything from your daily to-do list to making note of your many moods.

Info Central Paper Mouse Pad

The most practical of the bunch is the Information Central pad, which helps you track things to do, people to call/e-mail, and other miscellaneous to-dos.

Daily Mood Tracker Paper Mouse Pad

A little more whimsical option is the Daily Mood Tracker mouse pad, which keeps your mood swings in check from day-to-day. Now you can finally figure out if you really are an A-hole on Mondays and everyone’s best bud on Fridays. I get bad memories just thinking about having to fill in all those standardized test-like bubbles – and I forgot my No. 2 pencil, so I can’t erase!

Random Dawdle Paper Mouse Pad

Last, but not least is the Random Dawdle, which gives you a place to scribble down miscellaneous ideas, websites, drawings and other random stuff. I’m not sure what the point of the dotted-outline letters are, but I figure that just contributes to the randomness.

All pads ship with 60 tear-off sheets, giving you about 2 months of everyday use before you need to invest in a new mouse pad. You can grab all three designs over at Perpetual Kid for $9.99 a pad.