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Fabulous Lunchbox Made From a Busted Nintendo Case

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Written by Karen M. | August 14, 2008

Do you love Nintendo AND tasty noontime sandwiches? If you do, then this Nintendo case lunchbox project is probably right up your alley.

Nintendo Lunch Box

Here’s the skinny: you open up the Nintendo case, take out the guts, file down the interior plastic rods with a rotary tool, attach hinges, reglue the power buttons on, and voila! You’ve got a lunchbox that’s sure to get looks of admiration and delight from all those who share the office fridge.

Nintendo Lunch Box

I’m not exactly sure why Alpha Flight’s Sasquatch is in the pictures. I guess he’s kind of doing the Vanna White thing.

Nintendo Lunch Box

If you’ve got a busted Nintendo, a free afternoon, and a hankering for a turkey on rye and some ice-cold Capri-Sun, then check out the how-to that Fluctifragus put up on Instructables.