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Colecovision Mini Console Hits Ebay [Casemod]

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 19, 2008

When it comes to retro game consoles, it seems like Nintendo and Atari get all of the attention. How about some love for the classic ColecoVision, the first console to bring arcade-quality graphics into your living room? This mini ColecoVision casemod is surely a good start.

Colecovision Mini Casemod

The guys over at GameSniped stumbled onto this custom-modded miniature version of the classic console for sale over on eBay. The mini ColecoVision does everything the original console did, only smaller.

Colecovision Mini Casemod

According to seller doubledownon11, the modded console is a whopping 50 square inches smaller and 1 pound lighter than a stock ColecoVision system. In addition, the system has been upgraded with composite, S-Video and RCA audio jacks. There’s also a handy “intro skip” button, which lets you zip past the annoying 10-12 second loading screen on Coleco-branded games. The unique console is in pristine condition and includes a refurbished ColecoVision hand controller, a Donkey Kong game cartridge, a power supply, and a six foot, gold-plated, A/V cable.

With a current bid of $379.99, it’s about twice what an original ColecoVision would have cost you back in 1982, but adjusted for inflation it’s actually a better deal.

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