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Vulcanus: Heavy Metal Casemod by Blacksmith

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Written by Paul Strauss | August 21, 2008

You could do all your computing on a lightweight MacBook Air, but a real manly man would use this computer that’s so beefy that it could smash your lightweight girly-man system into a fine pulp.

Vulcanus PC Metal Casemod

Hand-forged from steel by an honest to goodness blacksmith, Vulcanus is one bad mofo of a PC. Created by Czech builder Sergej, the Vulcanus will crush all other computers that stand in its way.

Vulcanus PC Metal Casemod

Inside and out, the PC is constructed from hammered steel parts that each probably weigh more than your measly little laptop.

Vulcanus PC Metal Casemod

I especially love the hand-hammered bolt details and oxidized metal finishes.

Vulcanus PC Metal Casemod

Vulcanus PC Metal Casemod

All told, the finished Vulcanus weighs in at over 110 pounds, or about 5 times the heft of your average full sized tower PC. The last time I remember a computer that weighed this much was the original Mac Portable.

[via Modding.cz and Case Mod Blog]