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Cop a Feel: Mouse Shaped Like Hot Chick’S Torso

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Written by Karen M. | August 25, 2008

You can cop a feel every single day with these bizarre computer mice shaped like hot women’s torsos. Unfortunately, since they have no heads or limbs, it will probably make you feel like a creepy necrophiliac serial killer type with each right-click.

There are two types available: lingerie torso and cropped World Cup t-shirt torso. All of the torsos are wearing lacy painted underwear which only serves to highlight their unfortunate limblessness.

To add to the perviness factor, the mice are given names like Francesca and Michaela, depending on nationality. Oddly enough both the French and Spanish torsos are named Luisa. Then again, I’m guessing if you are the type to buy a mouse of this nature then such trivialities will not bother you.

As far as a novelty mouse goes, I will grudgingly admit that a woman’s curves do seem like they would make for a pretty ergonomic mousing experience, and it’s clever to make boobs clickable, but that doesn’t make this any less creepy. And if you’re willing to shell out €30 ($45) for one of these, then you’re not only kinda pervy, you’re also pretty spendy. Get them here.