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New Kids on the Wooden Block: Animal USB Drives

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 27, 2008

Marubeni InfoTec will be coming out with 10 different wooden animal USB drives. There are 5 different animal shapes, and they come in maple or walnut.

Marubeni USB Wood Memory Animals

Marubeni USB Wood Animals

I can’t find out too much more info about these cute flash drives, but the 411 is that they’re coming out in Japan on September 1st. For 1GB of memory and a blocky little block of wood, you’ll need to shell out ¥7290 (about $72.)

Marubeni USB Wood Memory Animals

I appreciate their childlike blockiness, and like the juxtaposition of low-tech design and high-tech function, but I will concede that they seem too angular and pokey for maximum pocket comfort. Also, there’s that whole problem of having to go to Japan to get one.

[Marubeni Infotec via Fareastgizmos]