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Hidden Radio: This Futuristic Mushroom Masks a Cool Radio

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 30, 2008

The Hidden Radio by John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen is designed to make the human-radio interaction more intuitive and less cluttered. Also, it’s designed to make your radio look more like a futuristic mushroom than a regular radio.

Hidden Radio

So how does it work? They say, “lifting the lid increases the volume proportionally with height” which means, of course, that moving the cap up makes it louder and moving the cap down makes it quieter. To change the station, you just rotate the cap. There is an LED light in the base that gets brighter and darker with tuning.

Hidden Radio

Of course, like so many cool gizmos this thing isn’t available yet, but you can visit their website, from which you can send them an e-mail and pester them to make it.

[via Core77]