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Geeky Guys Rejoice: Sexy Robot Undies for the Ladies

 |  |  |  |  |  |  August 31, 2008

We’ve already seen not one but two iterations of Space Invaders undies for dudes, so it’s high time we let the ladies in on this brave new world of geeky underpants. Behold: the robot-themed bra and underwear set.

Robot Underwear

This marks an exciting milestone for nerdy guys everywhere, who can now, in one fell swoop, combine their top two loves: robots and lady parts. And of course, if you have no access to real, live ladies, you can always hook this onto one of your creepy stand-ins.

Robot Underwear

I’m a woman, but please don’t look to me to explain what the heck those rubberband-lookin’ things on the side of the underwear are. I have no idea and have never seen them before. They baffle and confuse me to no end.

Robot Underwear

You can get the set for around $16 from Tilly’s, if you dare. I mean, I’m tempted to get some, but I’m concerned they just might make me too magnetically irresistible to a certain binary code-loving, Star Wars toothbrush-having, javascript joke-making segment of the populace. Actually that pretty much describes myself, so that’s a bit tautological.

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