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Tell Time on the Outer Limits With the Rim Clock

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 11, 2008

The Rim Clock turns all that you know about clocks inside out. Instead of staying put and pointing to numbers like the hands of other, more well-behaved clocks, the hands on the Rim Clock are actually protrusions that go around the outside and point to the wall.

The Rim Clock was designed by Jansen Lye to be minimalist and distinctive. I think it looks a lot like you have an avant-garde sculpture on your wall instead of a clock. In case you’re wondering, the pointy thing is the minute hand, and the roundy thing is the hour hand.

One caveat about the utility of this this clock: although it looks great, unless you’ve painted, penciled, stenciled and/or taped numbers to your wall, you probably won’t always be exactly on time. Great looks? Check. Innovative design? Check. Reliable, precise time-telling? Not so much.

Of course, like a whole bunch of other really cool things, it’s still in concept phase. (Sigh.) See more at Jansen Lye’s website.