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Clear More Rows With the Tetris T-Shirt

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Written by Karen M. | September 13, 2008

We’ve seen Tetris waffles, Tetris ice cubes, and so much more. Now we have this t-shirt to complete your fully actualized Tetris-fied lifestyle.

While this looks pretty cool, I would like to express a few concerns I have about this design. First of all, whoever is playing this game like royally SUCKS at Tetris, right? Second, what is with the individual cubes? Those are not Tetris pieces- if they were, like, hello, it would be the easiest game ever. And how about that 3-segment straight piece? Tetronimoes always have 4 segments. Seriously. How about a little quality control, people?

On the plus side, the brightly colored Tetris pieces pop with hue as they cascade down your front. Although the tees look black in the picture, they are a dark grey and made of 100% fine cotton jersey.

If you still want one, pick up the men’s or women’s versions for €30. $45 for a Tetris shirt? I guess there are some people who could easily afford paying that much for a novelty tee…