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Myminigolf Miniature Golf Course Travels Wherever You Go

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Written by Paul Strauss | September 19, 2008

I don’t know if I should really be sharing this dorky tidbit, but back when I was just a pup, I was a serious bad-ass on the miniature golf course. I actually won a couple of shiny plastic trophies, and even an official gold-plated Jack Nicklaus putter from the neighborhood Putt-Putt.

My Mini Golf Portable Miniature Golf

Over the years, my time on the course diminished, and eventually I ended up as a completely sub-par (er actually, way above par) golfer as an adult. So when I saw this kit that lets you set up a mini golf course just about anywhere, I got the wild idea that maybe I could get my putting game back in check.

My Mini Golf Portable Miniature Golf

Just mow your lawn, throw down the obstacles on the ground, and get to putting. Since each piece is completely standalone, you can constantly create new challenges for yourself. And of course, there’s nothing stopping you from setting up a virtual putting green in the middle of your office or living room.

My Mini Golf Portable Miniature Golf

Designed by George Pal and Hannes Weber of defacto.GmbH, the MyMiniGolf portable mini golf course comes with a variety of ramps, loops, jumps and cups. The kit includes 13 plastic obstacles in an oversize nylon carrying bag, along with a putter, a couple of balls and a score pad.

Ready to bring the course to you? Head on over to Generate, plunk down your $329, and get working on that hole-in-one.