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The Neocube is a Magnetic Puzzle O’ Fun

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Written by Karen M. | September 24, 2008

The NeoCube starts out as a cube made of super-magnetic balls that’s billed as “literally a puzzle with billions of solutions.” Here’s the good news: There are no right answers, just a whole heap o’ magnetic mayhem to be had.

Check out this video of the NeoCube in action. Then, let’s take bets on how many thousands of hours this guy has logged playing with it.

OK, now try to convince me you don’t want one. Betcha can’t! And even if you can, once I tell you it promises stress relief and dual hemisphere brain stimulation, you will be completely powerless to resist. Don’t believe me? How about another video then?

For such a cool and fun-seeming product, I must warn you that the website is extremely janky. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that every other word is in a different font, or the crazy spacing of text, or the weird, new age-y background. But if you simply must must must have a NeoCube then you’ll need to go there to plonk down your $14 (minicube, aka, lamecube IMHO) or your $30 (alpha cube) or your $35 (fabulously named cubetastic pack, which includes a mini and an alpha.)