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Rainbow Star LED Lamps Add a Splash of Color to Your Room

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Written by Paul Strauss | September 28, 2008

I was digging around looking for something totally unrelated today, when I came across these nifty color-changing LED lamps from Lumenworks.

Rainbow Star LED Lamps

Rainbow Star lamps are minimal, modern lighting fixtures, which can be set to any of 7 different colors. You can toggle between solid colors, or set the light to gradually cycle between hues.

Rainbow Star Color Changing LED Lamps

Each colorful, low-wattage light source is encased in a glossy, hard acrylic shell, which floats on a durable square metal pedestal. Total height of each fixture is just under 10″.

Rainbow Star Color Changing LED Lamps

In addition to the primary light source, each light has a subtle nightlight built into the base, which automatically illuminates whenever the room goes dark.

Rainbow Star Color Changing LED Lamps

Each light has a hidden AA battery compartment which lets you run them without being tethered to the wall all the time. A single charge should give you about 4 to 5 hours of run time (using NiMH batteries – longer if you use Lithiums).

Rainbow Star Color Changing LED Lamps

So far, I haven’t been able to find these outside of Taiwan, but if you happen to speak the language, or you’re just feeling adventurous, head on over to PCHome and see if you can order a few.