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Dalek Shoes Do the Exterminating for You

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 29, 2008

Love Dr. Who? Then have I got a shoe for you! A Dalek shoe, to be true. Yup, that’s a pair of handpainted Daleks gracing those black sneakers.

These shoes are no one-note craft, though. In addition to the Dalek painting on the front, you’ve also got “EXTERMINATE” written on the back. Ergo, no matter what direction you’re facing, your shoes will be shown to be more unique than anyone else’s.

These were created by kelly_bear, who originally envisioned a Dalek on one shoe and a Cyberman on the other shoe, so that her shoes could reenact an epic battle at a moment’s notice. Upon realizing it was too hard to paint a Cyberman she decided to go double-Dalek instead.

You’ve gotta love the choice of pink argyle to soften up the evilness.

[via Craft:]