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Katamari Prince Dog Costume Just in Time for Halloween

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  October 6, 2008

Just because you’re an insane video game addict, does it mean your pets need to be subjected to your obsession? If this Katamari Damacy dog costume is any indication, the answer to that question must be “yes”.

Katamari Prince Dog Costume

From the looks of the pup in the picture, he’s clearly not amused with the whole thing. I’m guessing that my two oversize 120-lb dogs wouldn’t look quite as dignified. Still, what better way to fly your geek flag this Halloween than to dress up your canine as the Prince of of All Pooches.

Katamari Prince Dog Costume

The only thing missing from the costume design is a volleyball, covered with velcro, little toy buildings, people, cars and airplanes.

Katamari Prince Dog Costume

If you’re really nice, the artist will even make up a matching pair of purple leggings for your pup. So if you’re ready to dress up humiliate your dog, head on over to Victoria’s Store over on Etsy and plunk down your $30 buckaroos.