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Little Big Planet Plays Video Game Classics on the PS3

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 1, 2008

I just started playing Little Big Planet on my PS3, and while the built-in levels are truly a sight to behold, the really wondrous thing about the game is all of the community content that’s starting to surface. I was buzzing about the LBP world last night when I came across some great arcade classics, all brought to life with the amazing level builder in the game.

Here are some videos of my favorite game tributes so far:

You’ve gotta love Little Big Pac-Man (wokka-wokka-wokka):

Even I could build square blocks with the level creation tools, but this Tetris level takes block-building it to the next level.

This Dig-Dug level still needs a little work, but I just couldn’t leave Fygar and Pooka off the list:

This Sonic The Hedgehog Green Hill Zone level really blew my mind. It’s even got the original game music and a Dr. Robotnik boss battle.


Of course, what retro game collection would be complete without Space Invaders?

I’m just waiting for someone to figure out how to do Battlezone, Tempest or Pole Position, and I’ll be truly impressed.