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Meggy Jr Rgb Handheld: Build Your Own Pixel Games

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 14, 2008

Want to build your own games, but don’t have the artistic talent to build complex game graphics? This new kit lets you create games using a simple LED dot-matrix display.

Meggy Jr. RGB LED Game Platform

With a colorful 8×8 RGB LED display, the Meggy Jr RGB handheld platform gives you everything you need to create your own mini-games or pixel art displays.

Meggy Jr. RGB LED Game Platform

Each colored dot actually contains three tiny LEDs, for a total of 192 uniquely addressable positions. The kit includes 6 clicky button switches, an audio transducer and additional LEDs for keeping track of things like your score or number of lives left in your custom games.

Meggy Jr. RGB LED Game Platform

Meggy Jr even offers customizable handles so you can pimp out your handheld with your own design.

Meggy Jr. RGB LED Game Platform

The Arduino-based Meggy Jr RGB kit comes with a pre-installed game called “Attack of the Cherry Tomatoes”, a little side-scrolling shooter, but the real fun comes from writing your own games. All you need is a USB-TTL cable, and the open-source Meggy Arduino developer library.

You can get your hands on Meggy Jr. over at Evil Mad Science with prices ranging from $65 to $95 USD.

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