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Flash Beat Speaker Offers Sound-Sensitive Light Show

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 17, 2008

Nope, this wild glowy sphere isn’t some sort of newfangled plasma weapon. Actually, what you’re looking at is a combination speaker/light show that’s perfect for your next big dance party.

Flash Beat Speaker Light

Inside the transparent red plastic orb of the Zumreed Flash Beat is a downward-firing speaker, surrounded by a rapidly spinning pink light. As your tunes kick in, the light reacts instantaneously to the beat of the music.

And even though it’s under 9-inches tall, it’s powerful enough to fill a large room according to the product description (Caveat Emptor, of course). Just connect the speaker to your iPod or even a video game system, and you’ll have yourself a self-contained audiovisual extravaganza.

Originally available only in Japan, the guys over at Audiocubes have brought in a limited number of these for you to enjoy stateside for $189.99 each.