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Tuned Bear iPod Speaker: Louder Than the Average Bear

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 17, 2008

Stuffed animal lovers, here’s a new portable audio setup that’s perfect for you – assuming that your animal of choice happens to be a faceless shiny bear, that is.

tuned bear ipod speaker

Made by Hirokawa Japan, Tuned Bear is a complete sound system for your media player, stuffed inside a teddy bear. Sound comes from a pair of stereo speakers hidden in the bear’s feet (and powered by a battery pack in his butt).

tuned bear ipod speaker

To turn on the bear, press his left ear. And to adjust the volume, simple grab the appropriately marked paw. Luckily this bear won’t rip your face off you when you squeeze his nubby appendages.

tuned bear ipod speaker

For the moment, Tuned Bears are only available in Japan (the same nation where you can also find this). If you happen to speak Japanese, you can find them over at Rakuten’s Plywood store for ¥3780 (appx. $39 USD).

I can pretty much guarantee you won’t find one of these at your local Build-A-Bear Workshop.