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Free Avatar Creator is… Good Enough.

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 22, 2008

If like me you possess a face that could blind people outright, you probably don’t post your picture online, like on facebook or friendster. You probably don’t even have friends. Well have I got the thing for you. us. me. You can now stop using Johnny Depp’s face as your avatar because there’s a¬†free online avatar creator that lets you create a cartoon version of your face. It’s called face your manga. Yes. Face Your Manga.

Mangatar Avatar Creator

Okay so the website’s name doesn’t exactly make sense. I think it would be better off with Mangafy Your Face, or Face Your Mangafied Face. Or Here You Ugly Bastard. Also, I don’t exactly understand why the main page is asking me to shake myself. But except for the engrish, the site delivers as promised. It’s not exactly the Mii Channel, but the avatar creator is really easy to use and has enough options that you can create a fairly accurate yet cuter version of yourself. Some options though, like the clothes, are quite limited and bland.

Mangatar Avatar Creator

When you’re done you can either have your mangatar emailed as a low-res JPEG file or pay 1.50 euros to directly download a high-res version. Both methods are inconvenient of course; just take a screenshot of the page instead. I did make my own mangatar, and overall I’m satisfied. It didn’t really capture my essence but the resemblance is there:

Mangatar Avatar Creator

My nipples should be a bit higher. Yeah. I think that’s the deal breaker there.