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Louis Vuitton iPod Trunk: Apple’S New Luggable

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 23, 2008

In a show of sheer over-the-top ridiculosity, French accessory designer Louis Vuitton created this decked-out iPod carrying case for German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Louis Vuitton iPod Trunk for Karl Lagerfeld

The custom-made Taiga leather Vuitton case is lined with rich red microfiber, and carries an insane 20 iPods, along with a charging dock, a set of JBL Creature II satellite speakers and matching subwoofer. Now why you’d need to carry 20 iPods is anyone’s guess, especially since those look like models with plenty of hard disk-based storage. But then again, rumor has it that Lagerfeld has 100 iPods, and a full-time “iPod nanny” who manages his massive multi-terabyte music library.

Apparently LV will make custom cases for just about anything you can imagine, assuming you can spare tens of thousands of bucks and about half a year of your life (or longer) to wait for one to be created. Maybe you can finally get your pet elephant that trunk he’s been asking for.

Me, I’m getting one to hold my 100 Zunes.

[via Luxist via Cult of Mac]