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Old People Racing: Rude but Fun

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Written by Lambert Varias | November 25, 2008

Here in the Philippines the elderly are respected and revered; these two toys are definitely not from the Philippines. First up are the wheelchair and racetrack bound racing grannies. Racing grannies. I can barely wrap my head around the concept.

Racing Grannies Slot Cars

The grannies can be individually controlled and are powered by AA batteries. The elliptical racetrack ensures that the race will go on even if the grannies forget where they’re going. Or what they’re supposed to be doing in the first place.  Stop it. Respect and revere. Of course if you have racing grannies, then speeding granddads can’t be far behind. Actually they might even overtake the grannies because they’re on mini scooters. Bitchin’.

Racing Granddads R/C Cars

Whereas other cars are equipped with nitrous oxide for speed boosts, the mini scooters are fitted with oxygen tanks. For life boosts.