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Batman Desk Accessories: to the Bat-Cave, Robin!

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 28, 2008

Yeah, I know. The Dark Knight was arguably the best movie of 2008, but can Christian Bale’s throaty rasp really hold a candle to Adam West’s booming baritone Batman? Now you can bring back memories of the classic camp of the original Batman TV show with these great accessories that help you turn your room into a regular Wayne Manor.

Red Batman Batphone

Imagine the phone rings when your friends are over for dinner. You saunter on over to your desk, where you proceed to pull this candy apple Batphone out of the drawer and answer the call. Just be sure to end every call with “we’re on our way,” to keep them wondering if you’re living a secret double life as a superhero. Need to make an outbound call to Commissioner Gordon? Just press the button on the face of the phone, and the cover flips open to reveal a push-button dial.

When you’re ready to run out to your garage Bat-Cave for some crime-fighting action, dash on over to this replica of Bruce Wayne’s famous Shakespeare bust, flip open his lid, and activate the switch inside to activate the door to your secret Bat-cave. What, you don’t have a secret door? Then maybe you can plug it into a set of Christmas lights, or maybe your stereo so they turn on when you activate the remote power outlet that’s connected to the Bard’s bust.

Batman Remote Control Shakespeare Bust

The guys over at RED5 sell the Batphone for £50 (appx. $77 USD) and you can find the the remote-control Shakespeare bust over at Red Hot Phones for (holy credit card, Batman!) $312 bucks.