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Salad Bowl Speakers Serve up Scrumptious Sound [IKEA Hack]

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  November 28, 2008

While you could fill your salad bowl with lettuce, tomatoes, bacon bits and honey dijon dressing, that would be pretty boring. Personally, I prefer my salads to be made from anodized aluminum, magnets, and wire. Yum.

IKEA Hack Blanda Matt Salad Bowl Speakers

UK modder HoopsOnToast was shopping at his local IKEA store when he realized the potential to make some nifty orb-shaped speakers by gluing together pairs of 8″ Blanda Matt solid birch hardwood bowls.

IKEA Hack Blanda Matt Salad Bowl Speakers

The speakers get their sweet sound from a pair of full range (100Hz – 20kHz) Bandor 50mm drivers, mounted into the sliced-off face of one of the bowls.

IKEA Hack Blanda Matt Salad Bowl Speakers

Word is that the cabinets sound simply brilliant, and they only took about 3 hours to put together. And since IKEA offers the bowls in multiple sizes, you could build a full surround sound system using these (front speakers in the 8″ bowls, surrounds in the 5″ bowls, and subwoofer in the 11″ bowls).

IKEA Hack Blanda Matt Salad Bowl Speakers

…croutons not included.

[HiFi WigWam via IKEA Hacker]