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Mystical Fire Powder: for People Who Hate Red Flame

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 2, 2008

Winter is just around the corner – in places that get winter – so I’m sure that fireplaces and bonfires are being fired up everywhere. Wherever winter comes. So with all the fire some people see, I can understand why some of you might be tired of plain old red flame. You might be thinking,”Is there something out there that could spice up my boring old flame? Something that might be called, I don’t know… Mystical Fire? Can that something add colors like blue and green to my flame making it appear like the picture below?”

Colored Fire Powder

And then you think, “Yes, yes… and this Mystical Fire should be in powder form, so I could just sprinkle 1 to 3 packages on any outdoor/indoor wood burning fire, and so I can use it not only for camping and for luring my brother into the fireplace but also as props for Friday night D&D’s. Also, I think they should come in 25 gram sachets. Not 26 grams. 25. Because 25 grams is the right amount to create fires like the one below.”

Mystical Colored Fire Powder

Finally you think, “If such a Mystical Fire powder should exist, it would be really nice if it sells for like… £1.49 (appx. $2.29 USD). Over at Boy’s Stuff. Man. it sure would be nice if there really was some Mystical Fire powder.”

Here’s where I come in, and say “You there, red flame hater! You crazy psychic! Call me if you begin thinking of the numbers that a winning lottery ticket would have.”

[via boy’sstuff via random good stuff]