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Sinclair Zx81 Turned Into Pc [Retro Casemod]

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 2, 2008

Remember the old Sinclair ZX81 computer? You know, the tiny, little 8-bit machine with a huge following, and a horrible flat keyboard?

Sinclair ZX81 PC Casemod EPIA Pico ITX

Thanks to miracle of modern miniaturization, you can now fit a fully-functional Windows or Linux PC inside of one of these. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it – as the ZX81 only measures in at about 6.6″ wide x 6.9″ deep x 1.6″ tall.

Sinclair ZX81 PC Casemod EPIA Pico ITX

Modder Unravelled managed to cram the entire system – including a tiny hard drive – inside the diminutive ZX81 case by using a newfangled VIA EPIA Pico-ITX motherboard. (As small as the Pico-ITX is, I defy anyone to cram a complete system into the even smaller ZX Spectrum).

Sinclair ZX81 PC Casemod EPIA Pico ITX

Pretty impressive, eh? Now all Unravelled needs to do is install a copy of EightyOne or XTender on there to play original ZX81 applications inside of a modern OS, and he’ll be all set.