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Pyranna Opener (Def)Eats Clamshell Packaging

 |  |  |  |  |  December 4, 2008

Clamshell packages are impossible to open with just bare hands alone,but if you use something sharp on them you run the risk of getting injured. Clamshells, however, are nothing to a piranha. Well actually, they’re something. Something to pwn.

clamshell package opener

The Pyranna chomps down on the edge of a clamshell package. All you have to do is slide it along and it slices the plastic open. When you’re not using it you can close and lock the Pyranna so that the blade won’t be exposed.

It’s good to know that our beloved electronics manufacturers are beginning to phase out clamshell packaging. But while they’re still around, the Pyranna can make opening clamshells easy & fun. What would not be fun is if the Pyranna comes in a clamshell package.

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