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Hiyokomame Practice Set Teaches You to Use Chopsticks

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 7, 2008

The first time I ever picked up a pair of chopsticks to eat a bowl of teriyaki, I was like a fish to water. Within minutes, I was chowing on Asian delicacies without ever looking back at my fork. But for those of you who lack the dexterity to pick up your noodles and rice with anything but silverware, have I got a gift for you.

Hiyokomame Chopstick Practice Set

The hiyokomame (named for Japanese chick peas) chopstick practice set gives you everything you need to get your ‘stick-wielding talents in order without risk of spilling even a single grain of greasy fried rice on your just-pressed dress shirt.

Hiyokomame Chopstick Practice Set

Instead of trying to pick up bits of real grub, you’ll be delicately dipping into a bowl of little yellow plastic bean-shaped chicks. Each one stares blankly back at you as you pluck them from their bowl and they get ready to meet their maker in a sloshing pool of digestive acids.

Hiyokomame Chopstick Practice Set

While you’ll definitely be able to hone your chopstick skills with this wacky set, you should be reminded that the bite-size hiyokomame dudes are not edible, and gulping down a bowlful of toxic plastic and dyes with your new-found chopstick skills would probably send you to the emergency room to have your stomach pumped.

This oddity from Japan is available just in time for the holidays over at Gizmine for $39.99 (USD). I’ve only got one question… are chick peas really made from baby chickens?