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Tetris Hits the Streets (Somewhere) in Australia

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 9, 2008

I came across these magnificent falling Tetris block sculptures snooping around over on Flickr earlier today.

Giant Tetris Sculpture Lights in Sydney Australia

When I first stumbled onto these images over on Justin James’ Flickr gallery, all I could figure out was that they’re a) giant Tetris pieces and b) they were seen somewhere on the streets of Australia. Given a land mass of over 7,686,850 square kilometers, I figured it might take some legwork to find these in person.

Giant Tetris Sculpture Lights in Sydney Australia

A little sleuthing revealed this photo which provided the missing link in finding the true location of these massive falling bricks.

Giant Tetris Sculpture Lights in Sydney Australia

It turns out if you happen to be wandering the streets of Sydney, you can find these oversize, illuminated Tetris block sculptures floating over your head as you walk through the narrow corridors of Abercrombie Lane.

Giant Tetris Sculpture Lights in Sydney Australia

Further exploration revealed that Giant Tetris (aka “One More Go One More Go”) is actually part of an outdoor art exhibition called Live Lanes – By George! which runs through January 31, 2009. The larger-than-life installation was put together by the guys over at Gaffa Gallery, who clearly have fond memories of the classic brick-stacking puzzler.

You’d better get over there quick, before all of the blocks fall to the ground and fill up the entire alley.