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The Perfect Unison’S Wooden Headphones

 |  |  |  |  |  December 11, 2008

The headphone geniuses over at The Perfect Unison teamed up with the equally ill Dutch artist Parra to produce a limited edition of beautiful wooden headphones called The Perfect Unison x Parra. They probably ran out of creativity before they got to naming the thing. Anyway. How limited? They-only-made-50-of-it limited. How beautiful?

Perfect Unison Wooden Headphones

Impressed yet? There’s more to love and drop jaws at: each of the 50 units is made of 9 layers of birch wood and was silkscreen printed by hand by Parra. Awesome isn’t enough to describe the awesomeness of the artwork on these babies. It’s unencapsulable in currently existing words. They’re like moj&Y*&wgl3e. Or [^INJ^%$AYT. Or unencapsulable. [Ed: Is that even a word?]

Perfect Unison Wooden Headphones

Some of you corny people might be thinking, “Wooden headphones? Pssh. They wooden sound great.” Fortunately the headphones are equipped with “30mm Ultrasone® mylar drivers which have a frequency range of 20-20,000hz and an impedance of output of 35 ohms.” My vast amount of knowledge in audio science tells me 35 ohms = great. I mean just the word “ohms” sounds great. “Impedance” sounds so negative though.

Perfect Unison Wooden Headphones

I’m not sure if they’re sold out because all The Perfect Unison’s site says is that they’ll soon have new designs for everyone to want. Ltdhype says that the headphones are available exclusively at The Lazy Dog Shop, so if you know where or what the hell that is, go check it out. The Perfect Unison x Parra collaboration sells for €349 (approx. $450). Ohms ohms ohms.

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