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Comfort Food: White Bread Wrist Rest

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Written by Lambert Varias | December 12, 2008

After releasing the croissant wrist support, Brando is back with another pastry prop. I think this time they’re aiming for people with simple taste. Crazy people with simple taste. The White Bread Wrist Rest is what it says it is: it’s a white bread wrist rest.

Loaf of Bread Mouse Rest

Brando says that it’s also good for “decoration”. I had the slightest suspicion that it was only meant to be eaten, but now I can rest assured that bread is also an ornament.

Loaf of Bread Mouse Rest

You can get one of these for $6 or two for $10. Brando doesn’t say what the white bread wrist rests are made of, so if you order one and receive bread, as in bread bread… just…I don’t know. Caveat emptor.

White bread wrist rests. I love this job so much.

[via Brando via 7gadgets]