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Use Calendar Tape to Make Dates Stick

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Written by Lambert Varias | December 13, 2008

SUCK UK Calendar Tape by Laboratorium is a cheap and practical way of keeping your schedule together. Use it as a Twitterish diary, an organizer, or yes, a calendar.

Sticky Tape Calendar from Suck UK

You can also mark your video games, CDs, DVDs and gadgets with it, so you know when you bought them or when they’re due for maintenance, when to give/sell/throw them away etc. Of course you can use it to make two things one.

Sticky Tape Calendar from Suck UK

$12 gets you two Calendar Tapes (one for days and one for dates) and a marker. Write all your important dates and wallpaper your husband’s room with them so he won’t forget. He might still miss the date of your first fight or your first movie together, but tape can only do so much.

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