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Add Never-Ending Tetris to Your Wall

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Written by Alisha K. | December 15, 2008

Anyone can play a game of Tetris; the Russian classic is available in dozens of formats, and there are clones and knock-offs aplenty. You can even go the Soylent Green route and make your Tetris out of people if you are so inclined. But why not step head and shoulders above the rest and plaster a perennial game of Tetris on your wall? You may never win with a wall-decal game, but you’ll also never lose.

tetris wall decal vinyl retro game etsy

If Tetris is not your retro look — or game — of choice, the aptly-named Etsy shop VinylWallDesign has a few other interesting choices for you: Pac-Man and Space Invaders. We’re talking about the classics here.

space invaders wall decal vinyl game retro etsy

The shop features several simpler designs that aren’t influenced by classic games, just in case you prefer penguins to cunningly fitting falling blocks together for hours. Prices for the sets range from $20 to $65.