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Math Clocks and Watches: It’S Problem-Solving Time

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 26, 2008

Until ten minutes ago, I wasn’t aware that telling the time was too easy for some people. Here are a couple of timepieces so smart they’re stupid:


Here’s the square root watch; I guess all that’s left to say is you can get this for $40 over at SkyMall. Also,what is 8:15 in square root time?


Now this, this would be the entrance exam at a Mensa Preschool. It’s made by Triple Nine Society, and while it’s a hell of a lot more difficult than the square root watch, it’s way cheaper at $12.60. It’ll be 9:27 by the time you figure out what 8:15 is with this one.

Of course these timepieces make for fun gifts, but they’re not really really smart or geeky because even if you put the equation for black holes in place of, say, 11, I’d still know it’s 11 because it’s on the upper right hand area of the clock. Upper left hand. Lower left? Can I phone a friend?

A real geek watch would ask you for the time. Solve that.

[via walyou]