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Technabob’s Most Popular Posts of 2008

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 31, 2008

2008: What a year it was. Every year there are a handful of posts that really make readers go wild. But at the same time, not everyone can be expected to read every post on the site (as much as I’d love for you guys to). So while I’m not a big fan of “top whatever” lists, I figure that once a year, I can get away with one.


So without further adieu, here are the top 25 posts (based on overall traffic) on technabob throughout 2008. If you haven’t read all ’em, you owe it to yourself to click on a few of the links below and check out as many as you can:

  1. it’s people. tetris is made out of people!
  2. word clock slowly reveals the time with text
  3. robot drummer has plenty of rhythm
  4. rubiks mirror blocks puzzle bumps out of the cube
  5. clock combines digital, analog worlds
  6. gamer shirts: cheaper than games, better than plain shirts
  7. play any nes game for free in firefox with firenes
  8. nes system built into game cartridge
  9. ninja bunnies keep your headphone cords in check
  10. tomy i-sobot shoots an arrow straight through my heart
  11. das keyboard: no letters = faster typing
  12. link knit amigurumi: cuter than a bowl full of kittens
  13. make your own monster brings your horrible drawings to life
  14. miwi game console is nothing like a wii, really.
  15. wasp knife will stab your victims then freeze their organs
  16. super mario bento boxes make mouths happy
  17. classic arcade games excel in spreadsheets
  18. the world’s smallest nintendo ds lite
  19. bbq grill casemod: now we’re cooking with gas
  20. katamari wedding cake: with this ring i thee roll
  21. pac-man cupcakes make mouths happy
  22. iphone + piano = iano
  23. led cube displays 3d images in color
  24. computer cases get faces
  25. guitar hero: get in my pocket

So there you have it. All told, over 5 million pages were viewed on technabob this year. All I can say is wow. And thanks. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thanks for a great 2008, and I hope to see all of you guys again in 2009.