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Xbox 360 Room has Me Slightly Green With Envy

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 6, 2009

When I get my own house, I’d like to have a couple of game rooms in it. A game room with a projector for playing PES or Rock Band or NBA 2k15, and another smaller game room for playing RPGs. Dream, dream, dreee-eam, dreee-ee-eeam. That’s why I envy Youtube user Tchazzar, because he was able to set up his own Xbox 360 game room, complete with logos on the walls, a mini-fridge, and dimmable green LED lights.


His expenses:

  • TV, Xbox 360, TV Table, Surround Sound=$3000
  • LED’s,LED Driver,LED Dimming switch = $ 170
  • Rug = $ 120
  • Mini Fridge = $ 108
  • Chairs = $ 100
  • Floor stuff = $ 85
  • Paint, logos, glass etching = $90

Not bad right? I think it’s cool that he didn’t end up spending more for the decorations and miscellaneous stuff than for the console, TV and speakers. After all, it’s a game room, not a decorations and miscellaneous stuff room.

If you listen closely to Tchazzar, you’ll realize, as I did, that he sounds a hell of a lot like Adam Sandler. “Heeerre we have the shpeakersss, shpeaker up tooooop,uuuhh, more shpeakers, surround speakers…”

That was pointless and not helpful at all. But seriously: listen to his voice. Adam Tchazzar. Tchazzar Sandler.

Only trouble is, gee whiz, I’m dreamin’ my life away…

[via Neatorama]