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Tiny Backlit Wireless Keyboard: Fat Fingers Need Not Apply

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 9, 2009

Do you have teeny tiny fingers? Do you like to type? How ’bout in the dark? Well have I got a deal for you. This pint-sized keyboard is perfect for small hands, typing with the lights off.


Did I happen to mention this mini illuminated keyboard is wireless too? Just plug the included dongle into a spare USB port, plunk a pair of AAA batteries into the keyboard, and click-clack to your hearts content. And in case you can’t tell how small this keyboard really is, check out the size comparison photo below:


While I probably wouldn’t find this keyboard useful for my workspace, it’s actually a great idea for those of you with home theater or media center PC setups. No more fumbling in the dark, and no giant keyboard sitting on the coffee table anymore.


Of course, if you’ve got adult-size fingertips, you might end up typing WEWEWE.,TYERCVNMASBNOPBN.,CVOPM> when you really want to visit my site. If you don’t mind the occasional typo, can get your (tiny) hands on one over at Brando for $47 (USD).