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Look Out, Rock Band: Here Come the Musicals

 |  |  |  |  |  January 14, 2009

Do you linger in the corner at parties when people whip out their fake plastic instruments? Do you long to take the mic, not for Metallica, but for a couple of show tunes? Then the latest from Andrew Lloyd Webber will thrill you down to the tips of your little toes: Webber’s Really Useful Group is apparently looking to turn some of the world’s most popular musicals into video games.

andrew lloyd webber musicals karaoke music game

With music games rocking the industry and raking in the cash, it’s no surprise someone like Webber wants to increase his mountain of cash get in on the action, particularly considering that he’s expanded before, notably with BBC shows and American Idol episodes. Expect a lot of singing, and maybe even a little auditioning when the titles debut.

andrew lloyd webber musicals karaoke music game

Paper faces on parade…
Hide your face so the world will never find you…

Oh, you know you want it.

[ via Game|Life]