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Left 4 Crochet: Zombie Amigurumi

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 15, 2009

Let’s be frank here: Left 4 Dead’s zombies are kind of gross. There’s the Smoker, who has a truly gargantuan tongue that shoots out, often from some distance, only to wrap you in deadly zombie saliva, and there’s the Boomer, whose projectile vomit summons a flood of other undead, and of course, creepy Witches, massive Tanks, and annoying Hunters. Not the dudes you want to hang around with… unless they’re made of yarn (or you have a shotgun handy).

amigurumi zombie left 4 dead xbox 360 crochet craft

See? That amigurumi Smoker is as cute as a sweet little kitten! And he can’t grab you from across the street, either, and that makes these little crocheted figures a win. Craftster member windgie79 made these for her zombie-addicted husband for the holidays. What a lovely gift! Even the one that’s puking.

amigurumi zombie left 4 dead xbox 360 crochet craft

It is okay to yell, “Boomer!” if you see this little guy. It is not okay to shoot him in the face.

[Craftster via Hawty McBloggy]