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Magnetic Plastic: the Lounger by Hoverit

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 27, 2009

Ever wonder how it would feel like to lie on a cushion of a magnetic field? Wonder no more. British company Hoverit has released  The Lounger, which is so straight out of RPGs and scifi that I can’t bring myself to call it furniture. I’ll call it Magneture. Because “Furnet” sounds stupid.


Hoverit claims that being on a Lounger feels “like floating on a cloud”. How’d they know how that feels like? Anyway as you can see the Lounger consists of 2-pieces, the lounger itself and a base. Obviously, the base contains magnets which repel those located underneath the lounger. Remember Professor Xavier’s Anti-Magneto plastic wheelchair in the X-Men movie? The Lounger is also made of plastic, specifically acrylic, chosen by Hoverit because they want customers to “see every component”. I normally wouldn’t want to see a chair’s innards, but if I had a Lounger, I’ll be staring at it the whole day.


Each Lounger is hand-made in Britain. The Lounger is easy to move because of the built-in caster wheels. It also comes in different colors and in different chair designs. By chair design Hoverit means “the holes at the backrest and on the seat”; customers can choose from slots, circular holes, droplets, or hearts. Hoverit, kindly remove that last chair design.


The Lounger sells for a whopping £7, 500 ($10,509 USD); final price may be higher depending on chosen color scheme and design. While it isn’t widely available yet, you can already order the Lounger directly from Hoverit. Each Lounger comes with a limited edition certificate and serial number, user guide, safety notice, comfort cushion and outdoor cover. The Lounger is delivered already assembled, because there are only four people who can put this thing together: Magneto, Polaris, and this Taiwanese man and his son.

If you can afford the Lounger, I suggest you order it now because the company is offering the Lounger at a discounted price of £5,875 ($8, 232 USD), plus they’ll throw in an anti-scratch mat worth £225 ($315 USD). Hoverit says that the Lounger is but the first of a whole line of hover furniture. Hoture. Furniver.

[via Neatorama]