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Rubik’s Cube Lamp: Puzzling That Nobody has Made These Yet

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 27, 2009

The Rubik’s Cube started out its humble life as a simple little plastic puzzle. But over the years it’s found its way into everything from alarm clocks, to the technabob mascot to crazy viral videos. But this could be my favorite use for a Rubik’s Cube yet.


Created by illustrator/designer Eric Pautz, the Rubik’s Lamp is composed of 26 interlocking colored cubes which can be rotated into an almost limitless array of color combinations.


By rotating the cubes, the lamp can produce forty-three trillion unique color patterns. Cool. I don’t even think I can count that high… 1… 2… 3… 4… eleventy… um, nope.


Now on to the bad news. Turns out that the Rubik’s Lamp is only a concept design, and has yet to be produced. From the looks of the colored acrylic panel design, it seems to me like something that someone over at fabrication-on-demand shop Ponoko should be able to bring to life. Eric, are you listening?