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Stonehenge 2.0 : Keyboard Monument in Russia

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Written by Lambert Varias | February 2, 2009

Tens of thousands of years from now when robots and ninjas rule the earth, they will find all sorts of man-made stuff which will surely baffle them, such as toilets. And poo. Maybe archeologist ninjas and robo-historians will be scratching their heads when they find this strange collection of shaped stones in Ekaterinburg, Russia.


Upon closer inspection, the robo-historians will snap with their metallic fingers, and the archaelogist ninjas will say, “A-ha!” in Ninja speak, slightly muffled by their ninja masks, because they now know:


Surely that is a bottle beside those stones! They’ll be scrambling all over the place, and the headlines in all Robot news channels and Ninja newspapers will read, “Bottle found beside some stones: archeologists not useless after all!!!”. But as for the stones they will be wondering still. These inscriptions will surely baffle them even more, even as it causes not a few archeologist ninjas to throw Shuriken at each other because of their excitement:


A commenter at Gizmodo said, “According to the plaque this is a monument to “KLAVA” (a name of a girl) by Anatoly Viatkin. It was built to be displayed during the “Festival of Modern Art in the City Environment.” Then there is a long list of thanks…” So if we want the robots and ninjas of the future to enjoy their exotic find, we must delete that stupid comment. Why not delete remove the plaque itself? Because it’s another puzzle for the robots and ninjas! One that will never be solved, because we humans know that the Russian language is made-up. It doesn’t make any sense, except to one Gizmodo commenter.


But ninja & robot bewilderment will quickly turn into ninja & robot disappointment when they find that piece of stone, which will lead them to the conclusion that this is nothing more than an Apple advertisement. Then they’ll report to their leader, Chief Ninja Robot Steve Jobs, that more evidence of their findings can be found at Jason Eppink’s Flickr site.

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