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Pacboy and Space Intruder: Retro 8-Bit Games From a (Bad) Alternative Dimension

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 8, 2009

When you think classic video games, two names come to mind PacBoy and Space Intruder, right? No? Well even if those aren’t the games you remember from your childhood, it’s the best you’re gonna do if you pick up these cheap-o handhelds on sale over in the UK.


Judging from the crappy-looking black-and-white LCD screens below, the real Pac-Man and Space Invaders have absolutely nothing to worry about.


But don’t trust me to tell you how awful these games look or play. Instead, watch this brilliant video review from a couple of UK teens for the real low-down:

I think you’ll definitely get more entertainment watching that review than from playing the games themselves. If you really feel like throwing away your money on one of these, you can find ’em over at Amazon UK for about £8.44 for the pair (appx. $12.50 USD). Me, I’d rather play with the sharp edges of the plastic clamshell packaging they ship in.