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USB Flash Memory Looks Like RAM Card: Why? Why Not?

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Written by Paul Strauss | February 9, 2009

The last time I tried to jam a DDR RAM card into the side of my laptop, not only did it completely fail to work, I shorted out all of the chips and electrocuted the cat. Thankfully, the guys over at Brando have come up with a solution that should prevent such horrible catastrophes from happening again.


The Segon RAM Card USB Flash Drive ($12 to $20 USD) doesn’t do anything particularly special, but it sure looks goofy sticking out of the side of your computer. And as you loyal Technabob readers know. goofy-looking is good enough for enough for me.


Next time you’re feeling mischievous, cram one of these into the USB port on your computer, call up the corporate help desk, and wait for the befuddled tech support guy who comes to your cube and chastises you for your idiotic misstep. And then share in the sitcom-end-like belly laugh when he realizes that it’s really just a flash drive. Hardy, har, har. And never expect any help from the help desk again.