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Whose Leg Lamp: Weirdest Romantic Accessory Ever

 |  |  |  |  |  |  February 15, 2009

Imagine you’re on a date. You’ve probably done this so many times that you’ve become quite the date-imagining expert. Imagine that the date is going well, and then you excuse yourself to go to the restroom. Imagine that as soon as you shut the door to the restroom you shriek and punch the air, not believing that your imaginary date has been fun and awesome so far. You take out your paper bag and breathe into it.

When you finally regain composure you leave the imaginary restroom and go back to your imaginary table. As you sit down, imagine that you see your date take out something out of her bag and then place it on top of your drink, making it look like this:


Would you now say that your imaginary date is A. Romantic or B. Deserves to be Tasered in the armpit? Because Molla Space says that such “put a lamp on your drink” moves are the pinnacle of romanticism. And so they’re selling the “Whose Leg? Lampshade”, so named because when one puts it on one’s date’s drink the date’s only response would be “Whose leg are you pullin’? Honey, if you want to spend some time with me beyond dinner then you had better make sure that nothing gets in the way of my getting drunk.”


Actually on the lamp’s product page it says that a “different ambiance will be created depending on where the lampshade is placed over – thus the playful name: Whose leg?” Ah I see. I see that that explanation made no sense at all.


But if you see the sense in this thing and feel that with this you will unlock the “Interacted With Another Human” achievement, then by all means, buy it. You can order it at Molla Space for the romantic price of $70. Good luck.

[via 7gadgets]