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Metal Gear Solid Touch Website: Fun in More Ways Than One

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Written by Lambert Varias | February 22, 2009

The website for Solid Snake’s latest game – Metal Gear Solid Touch on the iPhone – is already up and running. How did I find out?


The website told me that it was up. That’s right folks! News that you’d never be able to read unless you already know what it is, which makes reading about it pointless! Impressive, Konami.


But since I was there I figured I’d check it out so I’ll have something more meaty to share with iPhone-owning MGS fans. Let’s look at the game’s mechanics as shown on the site:


The image on the left is actually a clip of the shooting and sniping in action; the sniping is pretty smooth, but I do find it weird that you have to pinch-in to zoom out and vice versa. On the other hand, I don’t own an iPhone, so. Give me one.

On the narrative side of things, the website says “Experience Metal Gear Solid 4’s story as you fight through each action packed stage.” So MGS 4 Story + Time Crisis + Tap tap tap = MGS Touch.


The image above is from the website, but it doesn’t really say whether the cut-scenes (if there are any) in the game will be as crisp as the image.


Another detail that the website reveals is that the “first half” of the story will be available via a “special advance release edition.” People who buy the advance edition will then be able to update – and continue from their save data – for free when the final release comes out. Hmmm. Special advance… hmmm.


Tell me if the following sound right: Sisqo: “Without you girl, my life is a special advance release editioooooooooon.” Teacher: ” I’m afraid that your son got a special advance release edition grade in all of his subjects.” Microsoft: “Vista is the special advance release edition of Windows 7.” Hmmmm. Anyway should this game be anywhere near average I’m pretty sure that it’ll sell. I mean who can beat the Snake + Apple combo? Adam and Eve sure couldn’t.

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