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Turn Your Portable Game System Into a Frosted Delight

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Written by Alisha K. | February 26, 2009

Because the Nintendo DS (and now, DSi) is so flat, it’s a prime surface for sticking things on or otherwise decorating. People draw and paint on their DSes; some change out the shells or add lights. Others? Try to turn their handhelds into delicious (looking) desserts.

nintendo ds dsi shell candy confection sweetessence rakuten

These shells, available for both DS and DSi, look both amazing and completely uncomfortable. Can you imagine playing with that thing dragging you down? And wouldn’t it make you hungry all the time? And yet, it’s strangely compelling. Ah, the beckoning siren of whipped cream… the call of delicious cookies….

nintendo ds dsi shell candy confection sweetessence rakuten

The shells are handmade and available from Japanese retailer Rakouten at a premium: ¥4,480 ($48). Think of all the real dessert you could by with that money.

[Rakuten via Tiny Cartridge]