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Breath-Controlled Kick Pedal for Guitar Heroes

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Written by Alisha K. | March 3, 2009

Mods and hacks aren’t always about looking good; often the more clever and crafty individuals among us will bend their minds to  making something more versatile in order to fill a need. In this case, a wheelchair-bound Guitar Hero enthusiast needed to find a way to circumvent the kick pedal on the World Tour drum set. The fabulous Benjamin Heckendorn to the rescue!

guitar hero world tour mod drums kick pedal breath control ben heck

With the help of electrical tape, PVC pipe, and a little rubber tubing, Ben Heck set up a breath-controlled workaround for the drum set’s kick pedal. The better to keep your hands free for what’s important: playing the drums.

The entire process has been documented–even down to tips for dealing with cuts sustained in the process–so that you can try this one at home. And Rock Band fans have a reason to rejoice: it’s apparently easier to pull this off with the Rock Band kit.

[BenHeck.com via hackaday]